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Book Recommendations

A few of my favorite authors and stories. I hope you fall for them like I did.

​Crazy Good

Rachel Robinson

This novel had the extreme alpha male, Maverick Hart---foul mouthed, hard core navy seal. Oh, and HOT! The female MC, Windsor Forbes had a backbone, which appeals to me. I really like strong female characters. This story actually pushed me to send a personal email to the author. The trials and tribulations of both characters struck my heart profoundly. Here's what I learned from this story:


1. We all have a past, good and bad. It shapes who we are,  sometimes shattering us into pieces and sometimes breathing
 fire, sparking us to change the direction of our lives.
2. Love enters our life when we need it most.

3. Second chances make the world so much better. It comes  with forgiveness, the ultimate power that enriches our
4. Love is a divine thread that intertwines through the  fabric of our lives. It can unravel, leaving us feel thread
 bare. Then one day, unexpectedly, the craftsman enters our  life mending the weaknesses only he understands.


If you enjoy military romances give this book a try.


WARNING: Have tissues available.

Bullet Catchers

Roxanne St. Claire

Titles in series:

  • Kill Me Twice

  • Thril Me to Death

  • Take Me Tonight

  • What You Can't See

  • I'll Be Home for Christmas

  • First You Run

  • Then You Hide

  • Now You Die

  • Hunt Her Down

  • Make Her Pay


Holy Smokes! I devoured every one of these novels. Do you like action, mystery, and steamy sex? Goodness, a trifecta in each book. I am a sucker for alpha males, especially those that serve & protect. I was sold on this series from the get go. In each book there are men who are the strong silent type, sweethearts, and mysterious---all of them you want to take home and tuck away forever. The author writes the BEST seductive scenes. I have a favorite one in Then You Hide. Beach scene + strong silent male + naked enticing female= wet & horny :)

Under Locke

Mariana Zapata


Fall out of your chair funny, the female MC, Iris is out of work and down on her luck. Depressed from the dwindling funds in her bank account, her brother gets her a job at a biker brother’s tattoo shop. Iris is catapulted into a head on collision with a grumbling, ticked off, Dex Locke.


Oh, it gets better, or worse (hehe). Those two don’t know whether to fall into each other’s arms or kick the other to high heaven. Full of one liners, smack downs, and sexual tension that will leave you sweating, but lovin’ every minute of it.


Pick up a copy and enjoy the ride!

Razing Kayne

Julieanne Reeves

Intrigue, angst, and heartbreak grip you from the start. Kayne is a police officer who experienced a tragedy you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. To escape awful memories and accusations he leaves town.


While on patrol in a new city, Kayne pulls over a speeding car. Jessica is waiting for him on the side of the road. From that instant on, you'll sit on the edge of your seat, covering your screams during the ride. Realistic characters will have you experiencing every action and emotion right along with them.


Oh, did I mention there are kids in the story?  Get ready, because they'll have you laughing and crying at the same time. 

Comanche Moon

Catherine Anderson

Series: Comanche

Catherine Anderson wrote a grand love story that builds gradually over time. This is a four-part series, and I appreciate that the author gives readers a chance to get to know the characters slowly.


Loretta Simpson is terrified of the Comanches who killed her parents. Hunter of the Wolf kidnaps Loretta from her home, which is the beginning of their journey and intense relationship. These characters are complete opposites in every way. How they grow to care for each other is truly a work of art. The approach the author takes will keep you wanting more and more. Thank goodness there are four books to make sure that happens. I read all of them straight through. I had to know how the story would turn out and what would happen with these two unique characters.


I really need to read more historical fiction, because if this series is any indication of the stories available, then I'm really missing something special. You will be too, if you don't read these books.



Jasinda Wilder &

Jack Wilder

The introductory quote from the book description is the best way to tell you why I liked this story...


"Love is never easy. It’s especially difficult when you love a Marine. I knew the risk when I said “I do”, but I chose to love anyway."


Military novels are always a draw for me. I can't get enough of them, BUT I only purchase the ones that intrigue me. I don't like cookie-cutter stories and this one isn't.  Mrs. & Mr. Wilder, two exceptional writers collaborating on this novel make it that much better. If you have a tough skin and can handle the first 10 chapters, you will be greatly rewarded.  You do not want to miss this story, it is so worth the tears.

Cross My Heart

Katie Klein

I really liked how the author presented these characters. Jaden McEntyre is the classic high school overachiever. She's done everything right, strives for perfection, and can't stand  to let anyone down. So when Parker Whalen is partnered with her for an English lit project, she hunts the elusive boy down until he has no choice but to cooperate, and begin their assignment.


Jaden's journey alters but not without a lot of angst along the way. It's not easy to change when you have friends, family, and teachers expecting you to act a certain way. Every step Jaden takes in the process is led by her interactions with Parker, who's been keeping his real self hidden from his classmates.  And there's a HUGE reason why. (no spoilers)


I grew to love these characters more and more with each flip of the page and cheered for them at each twist and turn. Want a great story that takes you on a worthwhile journey? Then read this book.

​Just One Night

Elle Casey

Serial: Parts 1-6

Ever thought of placing a personal ad? Jennifer did, and by some fluke chance a CEO's admin asst. plots to give her boss, William exactly what he needed---Just One Night of raunchy, wanton sex. Oh, did I say he's British, no? Well there are some sayings that the Brits have that will have you swoon and laugh at the same time. The chemistry between these two is evident from the get go, but it is not all smooth sailing.


Releasing this story in short bits was very intriguing and kept me coming back for more. All six parts have been released and were set at a special price with each reveal. The price is going up though, so give it a shot soon. You might find you can't stop turning the pages either, but at least you won't have to wait. It's all out there for the grabbing. Enjoy!

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