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About C.C. Koen

An educator for over twenty years, I spent most of it reading children’s books. Now, I spend my time reading romance, mystery, and suspense. Being an author is an immense challenge. I get to apply the writing experience I gained in education with my love of romance stories. Creativity was something I used in teaching, but didn't apply to other aspects until I sat down and wrote my first novel.


INTENSITY is near and dear to my heart. Other authors express the same sentiments, but I never understood it until now. Characters really do take on a life of their own. I learned to keep a paper and pen handy at all times. I never knew when they'd whisper their tale in my ear. It may seem strange novels develop that way, but we all have stories to tell. We just don't always write them.


Join me on the journey…


Dream big dreams—they’re always in reach, just grab on and enjoy the ride.

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